One Million Visits to your Website

and 12 Bitcoin Cash for You


Yes, you read that right. Get one million visits to your website and also
12.1111 Bitcoin Cash ($3,522.95)* to your account
for only participating in our Viral Marketing System.

* The value shown in dollars is in real time. At this moment the price of 1 BCH Bitcoin Cash is $290.89

Build up a Viral Stream of Traffic for your website.

You can Increase your website traffic to more than 1,000,000 hits in 5 easy steps by referring only 10 people to this website.

1. Visit each of the 6 banners at the bottom for 15 seconds. Then a Bitcoin Cash button will appear to make a payment to the owner of the banner. You must send that member 0.0001 BCH (Bitcoin Cash). Those 10,000 satoshis equals only $0.03. The money is sent directly to each member. Money never goes through our administration. If you don't have Bitcoin Cash you can get it for free. Click on the image below and we'll tell you how you can get the satoshis you need to use them in this system, and you're going to get them for free.

2. Fill in the ad codes for each site you viewed, fill in the rest of the sign up form and read the Terms of Service. (You will not be allowed to sign up until you have visited the banners and added the codes.)

3. You will than receive a website exactly like this one, the only difference will be that your banner will now be in the #1 position.

4. You will be instantly sent an e-mail with your unique site URL and login details. You need to promote your unique site URL for your prospects to see your banner in the #1 position.

5. People signing up from your website will now be advertising your banner in the #2 position. People joining on the next level will advertise your banner in the #3 position, and so on, and so on. You can see how your network will begin to grow very, very rapidly. If you would like to view a chart please click here.

So what are you waiting for? Click the banners below to get started.

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Ad Code #1 Ad Code #2 Ad Code #3
Ad Code #4 Ad Code #5 Ad Code #6
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